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Education institute events

At Piedpiper Events, our expertise lies in discovering the right way to work with clients in different areas.
Our educational institute events are carefully crafted to design memories.

Annual Days

Annual day is usually the most grand event at the institute. A great stage setup with sound and lighting will completly chane the ambience of the institution. We can help you with choosing venues and catering as well.
The Annual day is a complex event that can often be stressful to manage. At the same time it is a wonderful opportunity to let the students’ talents flow.
For younger children - We can craft the entire script for you, choose relevant songs for performances and also source choreographers and costume designs to make your Annual Day a resounding success.
If planning the Annual Day is strenuous, leave it to us – we’ll take care of every single aspect

Sports Days

It is vital fact that we need a healthy mind in a healthy body. Organizing a Sports Day helps the students learn the importance of exercise, team spirit and sportsmanship. Organizing it can be quite a task, with the schedule design, the prizes and trophies, refreshments, compering and more. We help you take care of all the necessary aspects to conduct a fun and smoothly planned Sports Day.

Other activities

Academics is important, but it’s equally necessary to be involved in extra-curricular activities. This helps students have a well-rounded personality and also helps hone their social skills, teamwork and creative skills. We help schools plan and conduct various other activities including farewell parties, summer camps, corporate events for the staff, festival celebrations and a lot more.
Get in touch with us to understand everything we can offer you as event solutions for your institute