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our story

The year was 2010 when two best friends sat over a cup of coffee and discussed their interest to start something that could make people happy and give them a chance to explore their creative eye.  After noticing the lack of help for people looking to organize events, they decided to start a company in the “event management space” that would both bring happiness to their clients and allow them to utilize their passion for creativity. That is how Pied piper events came into existence.

The name “Piedpiper events” was inspired by the story of “Piedpiper of Hamelin”. They were inspired by how the “Piedpiper” mesmerized his clients &solvedall their problems. This fit perfectly with what they aspired the company to be.

Over a decade since inception a lot has changed, but one thing that has not changed is the essence and our core. We have been boundary pushers who aspire to always do things outside the box .

There might be other event companies that do what we do. They might share the same “What” and “How” but what makes us unique  is definitely our “Why”.

We look at creating  “Experiences” and not just “Events”. We love crafting every event with attention to detail,true passion &and we value relationships above all else..

We are truly focused on turning your dreams to reality. Pushing boundaries,Innovating, and insisting on nothing else but perfection from ourselves. Our wide-range of expertise over the years has allowed us to create events for all occasions.
So, lets do this together!

our why

We constantly push ourselves to be our best everyday and show up each day inspired to make an impact through our hardwork, passion, creativity and enthusiasm.
We obsess over every detail of your event so that you can enjoy a hassle-free flawless event. We invest all our energy into the creating flawless and unforgettable events.
We strive hard to create unique signature experiences that “dazzle” and “wow” you and your guests in every way.

Our core beliefs

We are focussed on the details

We Are Focused on the Details

At PiedpiperEvents, we understand that success lies in the finer details of every event. We think of every minute detail that our customers might miss out on to ensure every event is executed with precision, time and time , every time.

we own it

We own it

We consider our self as an extended arm of our clients taking up projects as it’s our own and not an external agency. Hence every decision taken by us is carefully thought through with utmost care and sincerity. We believe in taking responsibility for all outcomes be it good or bad and We don’t pass the buck.

we do the right thing

We do the right thing

Integrity and honesty are the most important core values for all Piedpiper Events team members personally and professionally. We are honest and transparent in all our interactions with our clients and vendors . We ensure we guide our clients to utilize thier budget optimally and don’t believe in suggesting unnecessary frills to increase our profits. We do the right thing- even if no one is watching.

we are dependable

We are Dependable

We believe in building long term bonds with our clients. We take pride that we have garnered clients that have been loyal to us for more than a decade.

We believe consistency, competency and trust are the key factors that have helped us cement an unbreakable relationship with our clients.

we are creative and innovative

We are Creative and innovative.

We constantly look at designing concepts that are original, unique and that have an essence of our client. We always try to think out of the box, raising the bar both at our workplace and the industry .

Vivek Sridhar

CEO and Co founder

I’m Vivek, the founder and business head and a proud holder of an “Event Management degree :)” I believe in working hard, sitting up straight, avoiding cliché, embracing the unexpected.

I’m a no nonsense, efficient task master who loves to get the job done.

Other interesting facts about Vivek:

He is a Kravmaga instructor, an ardent dog lover, completely vegetarian and an amazing cook.

A perfect day in Vivek’s life:

Dog, cooking, farmhouse, friends and a football                         


Organization      95%

Supreme delegator     85%

People management 90%

Challenge taker          90%

Project management  90%

Can work straight for 53 hours  100%

Mushroom soup making  skills 95%

Sarah Lobo

CEO and Co founder

Founder, Director, perpetual progress maker. I am usually a bag full of ideas, I love to constantly find new ways to bring a sparkle in my clients eyes.

I have my ear to the ground in the events scene to see what’s new and happening and love seeing my events come to life.

I’ve been a major events geek since, well, ages ago. Coming from the beautiful land of Goa ,I found my passion in events as a child. I always was intrigued by different decor setups at weddings and other functions. The Goa Carnival was my all time favourite with months of preparation and creativity brewed together.

I’m a boundary pusher, multi-tasker, list maker, memory maker. A seasoned traveler and a chai lover, constantly learning new things is my happy place.

Other interesting facts about Sarah:

She is a host/Anchor and has hosted a lot of events. She was a model and was one of the finalists of miss south India.

A perfect day in Sarah’s life:

Friends, barbeque, movie night, beach side, greenery.


Attention to Detail         98%

Creative Genius              95%

Ideas generator              100%

Perfectionist/OCD           80%

Bubbly and Fun              95%

Strategy                           90%

Project management     100%

Chai making skills           100%

Vikram A

Operations Manager

I am the operations manager. I live and breathe Piedpiper Events. I have been with our company since its inception. I am tech geek and love to dabble with new stuff related to tech. I do not have the word NO in my dictionary.

I am a video game buff. I have a constant thirst to learn new things.


Hard working   95%

Customer centric        95%

Affability  100%

The go to man  100 %

Self learner     95%

Getting the job done 100%

Can never say no  95%

awards & recognition

At piedpiper events we are driven to bring true value to our clients. Every accolade we receive is achieved because of the grit and skill of our team. It is a true testament of our dedication towards our craft, clients and the commitment that we have to fulfilling our mission to be the best.

Over the years Piedpiper events have been the proud recipients of industry awards and recognition. We are delighted to celebrate our awards as they remind us to keep moving forward towards our goal and reconfirms the fact that we surely are doing things right.


We were humbled and proud to be featured in “the CEO insights magazine” as “25 best products and services in India” along with some behemoths of the market  like L&t, cipla, General motors etc.


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