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As event organizers in Bangalore, we specialize in corporate events.
For most corporate companies, it is a vital part of their organizational goals to keep employees engaged and productive,
celebrate the achievements of the company at every stage and
organize regular conferences and meetings with the board members and stakeholders.

We help clients present the most wonderful and vibrant corporate events by
brainstorming with them and adding our creative inputs and expertise to design & execute outstanding events.
We have worked with some of the most renowned brands at top event venues in Bangalore.

Corporate Events

Often companies need to celebrate milestones, award achievers and host special corporate events to comemmorate an aspect of their businesses.
We incorporate our unique approach to corporate events where we try to design an event end-to-end
based on the personality of your company and bring out the most creatively designed and planned corporate events you could organize.

This includes award functions, corporate get-togethers, family days, annual days, theme parties, incentive tours, and festive celebrations.

Conference & Meets

Conferences enable all attendees within the company to expand their horizons, learn about new innovations in the industry and techniques of accomplishing tasks. They also enable corporates to arrive at important decisions, disseminate knowledge about various updates within the company, initiate crucial agreements with investors, stakeholders, create new launches and more.

Our conference management services ensure that every logistical aspect of the conference is taken into account well in advance for a smooth and professionally executed event in consultation with our clients.

Sports Events

Sports has been proven to help build character, keep people in good health and most importantly, inculcate a sense of team spirit. Bring your employee engagement efforts a step further with Sports Days.

Our sports days, cricket matches and other sports-related events are designed to encourage teamwork, collaboration and sportsmanship. Sports Days also help energize

Employee Engagement

Employees are one of the most valuable assets for any company today. They contribute immensely to the company’s growth, help build the culture of the company and represent the face of the company. Hence, it is important to keep them motivated, enthusiastic and charged up at the workplace so they can put in their very best. We develop interesting and engaging corporate employee engagement events that will make your employees feel valued, recognized and cared for.

We take care of various types of employee engagement activities to create a sense of belonging to the company and also to ensure better productivity and positivity at your workplace.

Team Outing in and around Bangalore

For any corporate company, creating a better sense of team spirit and keeping employees engaged is a vital aspect of ensuring that they perform well. In addition, a break once in a while can prove to be wonderful for your employees.

We organize team outings to handpicked, scenic locales in and around Bangalore as a way for them to rejuvenate themselves and also experience adventure activities towards a greater sense of community and team. This includes a weekend stay at some of the best resorts in and around Bangalore with lots of engaging activities and games
e.g: badminton, darts, go-karting and more. We also handpick specially crafted games and fun training modules to bring your employees together as a team.

Fun days at office

What do employees of a company really value the most?
Our research into this indicates that employees are happy at a company that knows when they need a break.
Fun days at work help employees unwind, get to know their colleagues and take a break from the monotony of a daily routine.

We work with some of the best artists and other vendors in Bangalore to conduct activities such as
employee picnics, themed days at work such as Ethnic Day,
team lunches, entertainment including DJs, performers, stand-up comedians and more...